• Rotary sets Guinness record

    Rotary finishes the ‘World’s Biggest Commercial’ campaign with more than 115,000 supporters from 172 countries adding their photo to help end polio.

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One of the greatest assets in the fight to end polio is the commitment of supporters around the globe. Share your story with Rotary for an opportunity to be featured on EndPolioNow.org.

Rotary releases US$43.6 million to fight polio in Africa, Asia and the Middle East

July 9, 2014

The fight to end polio will receive an additional US$43.6 million boost from Rotary in support of polio immunization activities, surveillance and research to be carried out by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Rotarian Fights to End Polio, One Book at a Time

July 2, 2014

Rotarian Lee C. Broad has joined the fight to end polio by creating the "Books for Bucks" program. "When I saw Rotary’s commitment to combat the disease, I saw an example of how a community—a global community in Rotary's case—can come together to accomplish a great cause," said Broad on his inspiration to start the program.

Meet Alem Mumuni

June 30, 2014

I believe in our life endeavors, with hard work and the right attitude, all challenges can be overcome if you always believe in yourself. I am a polio survivor, professional footballer, Paralympic cyclist and ambassador for polio and disabled people in Ghana.

An unforgettable experience: Immunizing against polio in Nigeria

June 11, 2014

Al Bonney, a Rotarian from Michigan, crafts a vivid scene of an immunization campaign in Nigeria in which he participated in 2012. From the ragged filth of the slums to the beautiful smile of a young mother, the experience left him deeply impressed with Rotary’s mission to end polio once and for all.

A Pakistani Mother: Unstoppable, Even by Polio

June 10, 2014

Despite being crippled at the age of two by polio, Saima Liaqat has, through courageous determination, triumphed in the face of her disability. However, Saima hopes that no child will have to experience the same pain she suffers from. The Pakistani mother of three condemns anti-immunization practices and urges all parents to vaccinate their children for a brighter future.